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Why Mission Medicare

Hello & Welcome to the World of Medicare!


Although Medicare can be a blessing, the hundreds of phone calls and the truckload of Medicare-related mail are extremely frustrating. As a licensed Medicare Insurance Agent, I can help you navigate the Medicare Insurance system and gain confidence in making the right decisions.


My role is to:

  • Help you decide between a Medicare Supplement or a Medicare Advantage plan. Both are good options. After a thorough needs assessment, you will know which is best for you.

  • Compare multiple plans and multiple insurance companies with your prescriptions and your doctors, in order to find the best plan for you. It all matters and will affect how well your plan works for you.

  • Share helpful information about applying for your Medicare Part A & Part B.

  • Help you apply for Extra Help on the cost of your prescription drugs, if you qualify.

  • Be available for ongoing questions or concerns. THIS IS KEY! Having a local agent is no additional cost to you. However, it is a huge benefit.


I know you have questions. Learning Medicare can be like learning a foreign language. Even if you do not choose Mission Medicare, PLEASE find a local agent to work with. Television commercials can be misleading and unfamiliar with your area.


Rest assured, when you call Mission Medicare, you will not be getting a sales pitch. Instead, questions are encouraged. Mission Medicare is here to help you master Medicare so that you can enjoy it as the blessing it is meant to be.


Medicare Insurance Agents don't work for the insurance companies. They do not work for the government, either. They are independent contractors and small business owners. Agents aren't paid by the clients; they are paid by the insurance companies. Our services are free to our clients. That means you can choose to have your very own Medicare Specialist working for you at no extra cost.

Did you know that if you sign up for Medicare Part A and Part B during the first three months of your initial enrollment period, your coverage will start on the FIRST day of the month you turn 65? Ex: Birthday January 28th. Coverage begins January 1st. However, if your birthday falls on the first day of the month, your coverage begins the first day of the month before your birthday. Ex: Birthday January 1st. Coverage begins December 1st.

At Mission Medicare, you will not be steered toward a Medicare Advantage plan or a Supplement plan. Both types of plans are very good. There is simply not a "one plan fits all" option. After we thoroughly discuss your needs and the differences between the two types of plans, you will know which option is going to bring you peace of mind. "Both of my parents were on Medicare Advantage plans...and they loved them! My mother-in-law, that lives with us, is on a supplement ...and she loves it! I have learned to never assume where someone else is going to find their peace." -Robin

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